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Make business in Spain

We'll help you to start up

business in Spain?

Start up your business in Spain, let us help you establish a company in Spain and get it running. Our Firm provides comprehensive  services to the Spanish and international small business communities, relating to accounting, taxes, payroll, virtual office.  Spain Company Formation, is a 'Merino de la Fuente Asesores, S.L.' web page for English speakers, we are placed in Madrid, Spain's Capital.

We are a small firm designed to provide information and guidance in starting and developing a business in Spain,  focused on supporting startup businesses and helping small businesses succeed. Founders have for many years assisted small companies in developing their businesses.

What we do: Company formation, accounting, taxes, payroll, virtual office


We provide full corporate services.

  • Law firm specialized in small business and startups.
  • Only deal all your matters with one advisor.
  • Advisor qualification: economics degree - law degree in prestigious Spanish universities.
  • Personal attention.
  • No change of advisor from one year to the other.
  • English speakers.
  • Internet, and email communications.
  • Business comprehensive most common services.

Who are our customers?

  • Smallbiz, small business or startups
  • Business looking to launch somehow in Spain
  • Business low cost administrative budget.
  • Entrepreneurs or companies needing trustworthy people
  • Entrepreneurs or companies needing controlling their investments.

You can visit our Spanish site to learn more about us, about what we do and about Spanish laws in the related areas of practices.

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