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Virtual office

Virtual office in Spain

Virtual officeWho needs a virtual office?

Small companies may need a mail forwarding service for different reasons. They may operate their business from home, they may be based outside of Spain and need a Spain presence, the business may be in the process of changing locations. These are just a few reasons why people use Spain Company Formation for their mail forwarding.

You can use our prestigious MADRID, (Spain) mail drop address for both business or personal use. We are located in 'Paseo Quince de Mayo, Number 2', situated in Madrid city. Please note it is a law firm fixed address 'Merino de la Fuente Asesores' and not a PO Box or Suite number, only for 45,00 / month.

In case you do not need a physical presence in an office or either need having to physically set up a center of operations in Spain, a virtual office will be the most intelligent option for:

  • Starting up a business
  • Opening an office branch
  • Starting your activities in Spain
  • If your company has a minimum structure
  • Working from home with a professional image
  • If you have no time for your commercial activity and you need support infrastructure to make it profitable in the least time possible
Our target:

We do not target our services to large organizations but prefer to assist small companies with a more personal trade mail forwarding service. All of the mail is personally sorted and forwarded on to its relevant destination. The service is aimed towards businesses that expect up to 15-20 items of mail per month.

If this sounds like the type of mail forwarding service that you require do not hesitate to contact us.

What does our virtual office service include:

The All-In-One Package service offered by Spain Company Formation, its perfect for a broad range of businesses from start-ups to well established businesses worldwide. A typical package will include the following:

  • Well known MADRID (Spain) address
  • Use of our prestigious business address for your business cards and letterhead
  • Registered Address *
  • Your choice: Weekly, monthly, quarterly mail forwarding
  • Urgent mail notification on demand
  • Meeting room ***

*Registered Address just for Accounting or company formation services clients.
**Re-mailing happens when you need stamps and post office markings on the letter to appear as if they were posted from Madrid. You put all the letters you want us to re-mail in one envelope and send it to us. We will then open the envelope, stamp and post the enclosed envelopes, and mail the contents from Madrid.
For this we will charge for postage and a processing fee. Just let us know what you need to determine your quote. Please contact us.
*** All bookings are subject to availability. The more advance notice you give, the more likely that the meeting room will be available.

Optional add-on services: fax on email, virtual numbers, switchboard

Actually exist numerously communications providers, offering all kind IP services, virtual numbers and so on, that can give you a phone number of the country and city you desire, and what's more, you can manage it 100% from any place in the world connecting to internet.

If you do not know any or you just prefer us to manage it, contract, configure it up,  just let us know, and we'll get you a '91' prefix (Madrid), or the prefix you desire.

Our fees
  • 45 monthly fee.
  • Quarterly payments in advance.
  • We forward mail monthly. We charge at cost (Spanish post office current fee or your favorite courier company fee),  we will apply these charges to your following quarter's bill. Spanish post office current fee 'Correos'. (i.e. 100 grams forward to New York 3,00 , to London 2,15 )


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