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About Us

Spain Company Formation, is a 'Merino de la Fuente Asesores, S.L.' web page for English speakers. We are an small tax/legal Consultancy, placed in Madrid, Spain's Capital.


Oscar Merino & Jose I. de la Fuente cofounders philosophy is "To Serve the client".

We are focused on supporting startup businesses and helping small businesses succeed. We provide Spanish company incorporations, accounting services, payroll and tax planning services. Founders have for many years assisted small companies in developing their businesses.

Oscar Merino:

Was born in Madrid, has two children. He studied a Business Administration degree in "Universidad Autonoma de Madrid" and "Universidad Complutense de Madrid", mean while completed a law degree in "UNED". Began his international formation in the United States, continuing later in France, worked as Chief Financial Officer for "Octagon - Esedos" in Barcelona, Spain.

Jose I. de la Fuente:

Was born in 1969, also in Madrid. He is a Business Administration Bachelor in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, specializing in taxation, has a wide experience in the South American markets, patrimonial companies and “startups”, he worked a couple years in Argentina as Chief Financial Officer and actually belongs to "Colegio de Administradores de Fincas de Madrid", (Madrid's Property Administration Association)

Our clients:

They are Spanish and foreign small companies (A sample:,,,,,, Weather their business are earning or loosing, our customers ask for advice about their business managerial, and we are glad about their confidence on us.

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