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Madrid (Spain)

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We are in Madrid (Spain)

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The capital of Spain, located in the heart of the peninsula and right in the center of the Castillian plain 646 meters above sea level, has a population of almost six million. A cosmopolitan city, a business center, headquarters for the Public Administration, Government, Spanish Parliament and the home of the Spanish Royal Family, Madrid also plays a major role in both the banking and industrial sectors. Most of its industry is located in the Southern fringe of the city, where important textile, food and metal working factories are clustered. Madrid is characterized by intense cultural and artistic activity and a very lively nightlife.

Six million people live in Madrid, and this figure is growing every year. Spaniards speak Spanish but some "Comunidades Autonomas" (kind of states) have other official language. For instance Barcelona belongs to the Catalunya "Comunidad Autonoma" and their official language is "Catalan", and so on occurs to "Pais Vasco", Comunidad Valenciana, Comunidad Gallega... Madrid is a "Comunidad Autonoma" itself, and in Madrid exclusive official language is Spanish. There is no any other official language.

Madrid in figures

Madrid occupies a 2% of the national territory. However, it accumulates a 17.3% of the GIP (gross inner product) of Spain

Area: 8,020 km (1.6% of national territory).
Population: 5.8 million (13.7% of population of Spain).

Foreigners: More than 15%.

Number of municipalities: 179.

Language: Spanish (400 million speakers, 4th language of the world and 2nd language of business communication).

GDP/ capita: 27,279 Euros (30% more than the average in EU-25 and the highest in Spain).

Distribution by industries:

Services: Finance, Tourism and Public Administration (74%).
Industry: Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Electronics (18%).
Construction (8%).

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